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A New Level of Classroom with LG CreateBoard

Class is being conducted in the classroom, and the class material screen which is displayed on the classroom wall's LG CreateBoard is being shared on the students' tablets.
*Image dramatised for illustrative purposes.
*Tablets not included.

Various Teaching Templates

LG CreateBoard provides various templates and teaching tools, including a ruler, table, and sticky notes, helping promote active student engagement facilitating intuitive lessons. With LG CreateBoard, editing images and videos has become more accessible. It allows educators to share their created resources with others through QR codes.
 Students are solving problems using various ruler models on the LG CreateBoard menu.
*Image dramatised for illustrative purposes


The LG CreateBoard can detect up to 40 touchpoints simultaneously, helping to create a realistic board touch experience for students. This multi-touch functionality helps students quickly become accustomed to the board, which may assist in maximising concentration and organic engagement during classroom sessions
"In the classroom, several students are simultaneously writing on the LG CreateBoard screen. "
* A max of 32 points are recognised in the Android environment, and a max of 40 points are detected in the Windows environment.
* Up to 10 points can be recognised in the writing app.
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes.

Easy to Save / Import / Export

LG CreateBoard has import and export functionality. Users can save and import resources directly to and from Google Drive or OneDrive. Files can also be imported from a USB drive, enabling users to browse resources saved on USB storage
Materials used to conduct class can be shared through the LG CreateBoard's import and export function after class.
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes.

Wireless ScreenShare

LG CreateBoard Share is a tool that allows users to display up to 9 shared screens or a file on a screen in real-time when the LG CreateBoard Share app is installed on their device. It also enables the host to send files to any devices connected to the LG CreateBoard Share app, and provides several quick controls for the host’s convenience.
The LG CreateBoard can easily share screens with multiple devices in real time via app and website.
*LG CreateBoard also supports app-less sharing for PC (via website) and mobile devices within the same network.
* For a more stable connection, we recommend the installation of a dedicated app (LG CreateBoard Share).
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes.
An internet connection and wireless network is required.

LG ConnectedCare DMS

LG ConnectedCare DMS is an optional cloud-based solution that enables remote monitoring, control, and management of LG CreateBoard devices installed in educational settings. With this feature, IT managers can operate and manage key resources on the devices without having to physically visit the sites.
An IT manager is managing/controlling the status of the LG CreateBoard through LG ConnectedCare DMS.
*LG ConnectCare DMS is available separately at additional cost.
*LG ConnectedCare DMS supports the TR3DJ/TR3PJ/TR3DK Series as of now under a cloud environment.
  • The IT manager can remotely control devices in the classroom such as the power on/off, scheduling, brightness, and screen lock functions.

    ConnectedCare DMS Remote Control

    Frequently used controls such as the power on/off, scheduling, brightness, and screen lock functions can be applied using a Remote Control Function over internet. Content including images, videos, audio messages, or live streaming can be remotely shared with connected devices.

  • Alert messages and announcements can be sent individually to the classroom devices from the main system.

    Broadcasting / Alert Messaging

    LG ConnectedCare DMS allows for the transmission of messages and other content from the main system to individual classroom devices.

The user can set a threshold for receiving an warning/error signal for eight categories: display temperature, CPU usage, etc. The current status of the issue is easily indicated in categories, enabling for quick real-time responses. Issues can be managed remotely with an LG ConnectedCare DMS solution.
  • Threshold Settings

    Users can set thresholds in eight different categories, such as display temperature, memory usage, and signal strength, and receive warning or error notifications based on their threshold settings.

  • Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis

    Real-time status checks and remote problem diagnosis are possible for IT managers. Additionally, issues can be categorised by their current status, allowing for easy viewing and swift responses.

  • Issue Management

    The LG ConnectedCare DMS solution enables remote issue management.

Bluetooth Connectivity

LG CreateBoard supports wireless Bluetooth connections to various devices, including speakers, mouse, and keyboards.
The LG CreateBoard can wirelessly connect to devices such as keyboards, mice, and speakers via Bluetooth.

C-type Connection

The USB-C connection enables the charging and simultaneous data transfer over a single cable.
The LG CreateBoard easily transmits data via USB-C connectivity and can charge up to 65W.
*USB Type-C cables are sold separately.
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes.
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes.
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes.
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes.
*Images dramatised for illustrative purposes.
  • The Screen Lock function allows you to lock and unlock the screen.

    Screen Lock

    Teachers can lock the screen using the Screen Lock function, and unlock it by entering a password. Users can set the Screen Lock in the Settings menu to protect the device from unidentified users.

  • Secure Mode for blocking unauthorized contents.

    Secure Mode

    LG CreateBoard’s Secure Mode disables the LG CreateBoard Share function to prevent unauthorised content from being displayed on other devices.

  • The LG CreateBoard can be set to disable USBs connected to displays for security purposes.

    USB Lock Mode

    USB Lock Mode is a security feature that prevents unauthorised copying of data to external devices. It’s useful in environments where data security is critical.

  • The LG CreateBoard can be set to automatically delete files after a specific period of time.

    Auto-remove Files

    Users can set LG CreateBoard to delete files regularly for enhanced security.