LG A9N-PRIME CordZero® Handstick Vac with AEROSCIENCE™ Technology (Carton Damage Unit)


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Key Features:
– Power Drive Nozzle® for Effective Particle Pick Up
– One Touch Control
– 5 Step Filtration System
– Dual PowerPack™ for up to 100min Run Time
– 3 Ways to Store and Charge

*As factory seconds, this unit comes with 12 month Smart Electrical Warranty. 10 year motor warranty is not applicable for factory second items.
*Multi-Surface Power Drive Nozzle® shown.
*Based on LG internal test results, run time for each mode–Normal, Power, and Turbo–is up to 100 mins, 22 mins and 12 mins respectively. These run times apply when two batteries are used, with one being charged in the vacuum cleaner and the other being directly charged by the charging station. With one battery (battery is directly charged from charging station), run time for each mode–Normal, Power, and Turbo-is up to 50 mins, 11 mins, 6 mins, respectively. 
**The test was run at room temperature(26℃, 78.8℉), without any nozzle.
***Run time with Power Drive Nozzle for each mode–Normal, Power and Turbo– is up to 80 mins, 22 mins and 12 mins respectively when two batteries are used. With one battery, run time for each mode–Normal, Power and Turbo–is up to 40 mins, 11 mins and 6 mins respectively. Actual run time may vary depending on operating environment and hours of use.
*The test run by SLG was based on IEC 62885-2 and EN 60312-1, the dust retaining capability at 0.5㎛ ~ 4.2㎛ particle size in Turbo mode was tested and averaged 99.999% (‘Excellent’ Grade, 5-Star). Dust retaining capability may vary depending on operating environment.
  • Easy filter cleaning1
  • Easy filter cleaning

  • Separate the filter from the body by turning the exhaust cover, without disassembling the vacuum.

  • Easy roller removal1
  • Easy roller removal

  • Remove the cleaning roller by turning the bottom lever and sliding the roller from the housing.

  • Easy emptying1
  • Easy emptying

  • Empty the dust bin by pushing the dust bin release button.

*See model specifications below for accessories included in the sales pack.

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