LG HU715QW CineBeam 4K UHD Laser UST Projector (Carton Damage)


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  • Display

    • Ultra Short Throw
    • 4K UHD (3840×2160)
    • 2,500 ANSI Lumens
  • Imaging Technology

    • Brightness Optimizer Ⅱ
    • Auto Brightness
    • Adaptive Contrast
  • Usability

    • webOS
    • Apple AirPlay 2® & HomeKit®
    • Built-in 20W+20W Stereo

Ultra Short Throw Ratio

LG Ultra Short Throw CineBeam gives vivid imagery within a short projection distance. Create an impressive home cinema screen up to 120 inches*.
*It can project an 80-inch screen from a distance of 11.8cm, a 100-inch screen from a distance of 21.7cm, and a 120-inch screen from a distance of 31.7cm.
**Textiles by Kvadrat. Kvadrat is a Danish textile company.

4K UHD Laser Projector with Vivid and Clear Picture Quality

With 8.3 megapixels utilizing 4K UHD Laser technology, LG CineBeam delivers precise details up to 120-inch screen.

8.3M Pixels4K UHD

DCI-P3 85%colour Gamut

2,000,000:1Contrast Ratio

2,500 ANSIBrightness

comparison of FULL HD and 4K UHD
Image illustrated to enhance feature understanding
*The figures of contrast ratio and colour gamut are the measured value from internal testing.
*The marked brightness, the measured value from internal testing, is based on the brightness standard that users perceive.
*The above figures are based on ‘Brightest mode’ and may vary depending on your environment.
*The colour gamut is based on ‘Vivid mode’ and the colour reproduction range may vary depending on the picture mode you choose.

A New Level of Clarity

HDR improves image quality by making the bright parts brighter and the dark parts darker.

Dynamic Tone Mapping2Dynamic Tone Mapping

Using meaningful signal range (frame by frame) instead of simple signal range.HDR102HDR10

Individual tone can be adjusted for each colour within a scene.HLG2HLG

HLG is a backwards-compatible HDR standard and begins with a SDR signal that any TV can use.


HGiG helps you to enjoy HDR console games from PlayStation® and Xbox®.

*HDR covers almost all HDR specifications, including HDR10, Dynamic Tone Mapping, HLG, HGiG and other specifications.
*The images simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.
Auto Brightness**

Check, Adjust, and Project Automatically

The built-in ambient sensor automatically recognizes the lighting conditions and adjusts the brightness mode suitable for the naked eye.
Bright Room

Bright Room

Dark Room

Dark Room

Bright Room : Energy Saving Min

Bright Room : Energy Saving Min
Dark Room : Energy Saving Mid

Dark Room : Energy Saving Mid

Auto Brightness

The built-in ambient sensor, ‘energy saving level’ is automatically set, providing screen brightness optimised for the surrounding environment.