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– Integrated Clean Station™ empties the dustbin without the mess and charges the vacuum
– Long lasting battery for up to 120min run-time⁸
– Dual floor brush powerful on carpets and hard floors + 4 tools
– 5 Layered filtration system traps up to 99.999% dust¹ and allergens³

Helps trap allergens³

5 Layered Filtration System

Breathe clean air with advanced high performance dust filtration. The main cyclone and metal mesh grille filter pick up large dust particles while Jet Cyclone technology and the micro filter in the vacuum cleaner are designed to capture up to 99.999%¹ of fine dust particles² and allergens³.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Complete dust disposal

Integrated Clean Station™

Enjoy an easy and effective way to empty and charge the vacuum at the same time⁵. The new integrated Clean Station™ helps empty the dustbin while simultaneously re-charging the battery for next use. Using Air Pulse Technology, it helps trap up to 99.999%⁶ of dust without dispersing it back into the air or getting your hands dirty.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Powerful performance

210W Suction Power⁴

Clean more effectively and effortlessly with incredible suction power. The Digital Inverter Motor has an improved stator, rotor and 3D fan making it 47% lighter⁷ and rotating up to 135,000rpm to deliver up to 210W⁴ of suction.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Cleaning that lasts 

Up to 120 mins run-time⁸

Enjoy continuous cleaning with an included spare battery. With two powerful 25.2V lithium-ion batteries included in the pack, each one helps maintain suction for up to an hour⁸ and can be easily removed and replaced when it runs out during use.

There is a close-up of a Bespoke JET with the battery pack highlighted in blue. To the right, another illustration uses an arrow to demonstrate that the pack is replaceable. Below are 3 battery symbols which explain its 3.5 hours charging time, up to 1 hour cleaning time, and ability to maintain 70% capacity after 5 years.

Performance without compromise

Jet Cyclone Technology™

Jet Cyclone technology uses a high-efficiency, multi-cyclone structure with 9 cyclones and 27 air inlets that help create an optimal air path designed to minimise the loss of suction power while trapping fine dust particles.

A closeup illustration inside a Bespoke JET shows 9 Jet Cyclones. Blue streaks demonstrate the airflow and the close up of it form a vortex inside each cyclone.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Clean every corner effortlessly

Lightweight Design

Clean your home effortlessly with easy control and movement. Weighing at just 2.7kg, the stick’s lightweight, cordless design helps you move swiftly and clean hard-to-reach places in the house including high ceilings, tall cabinets, the stairs or even under low furniture.

A young boy vacuums a living room with a Bespoke JET and a woman vacuums a high window sill with a Bespoke JET.

*Image simulated for illustrative purposes. Slim Fit Brush head featured on the left is only available on select models.

Powerful on carpets and hard floors

New Jet Dual Brush

Enjoy outstanding cleaning on most floor types. The new Jet Dual Brush’s soft roller helps pick up large dust⁹ particles on hard floors. Nylon and rubber bristles help improve performance on carpets. The 180° swivel head makes its easy to maneuver and the drum detaches with one click to clean.

A Samsung Bespoke JET with a jet dual brush attachment cleans a surface with four different floor surfaces, each covered in dust and leaves: wood, tile, carpet, and marble. Next to it is a close up of the yellow and blue brush inside the vacuum cleaner.

Clean more areas, easily & thoroughly

Accessories (Pet Tool, Crevice Tool, Combination Tool, Flexible Tool)
4 Bespoke JET with different tools are in different locations. One with the pet tool, which is optional, cleans a sofa as a dog sits next to it. One with the combination tool cleans dirt on a desk near a laptop. One with the crevice tool cleans a narrow space. And One with the flex tool cleans a high window sill.

Convenient, portable storage

Accessory Cradle

Neatly and conveniently store all your accessories and brushes in one place with an Accessory Cradle.¹⁰ It also includes a battery charging station and a handle that makes it easy to store in a cupboard and take it where you need it.

The Bespoke JET's accessory cradle is in 3 locations: in front of a modern wooden wall next to a clean station, in a white cabinet, and next to a grey sofa.

Hassle-free maintenance

Washable Dustbin

Cleaning your dustbin is quick and easy with all parts, including the multi-cyclone system, being fully washable. Simply detach the dustbin from the hand-held body and tip its contents directly into the bin. You can then rinse all parts in water and have it ready for use again.¹¹

A Bespoke JET's 4 Dustbin parts get handwashed under a tap. The 4 parts are the Dustbin, Cyclone, Micro Filter, and Fine Dust Filter.

Ergonomic design

Height-adjustable wand

Minimise strain on your back and wrist with the convenient, height-adjustable wand. With three options to choose from, set it to the most comfortable length that works for you and easily clean around the house.

3 black Bespoke JETs stand side-by-side at different height adjustments. Arrows indicate it can be set between 525 and 665mm.

Intuitive Control

LED Display

The LED display makes it easy to check the status of your vacuum at a glance by displaying the suction level, available runtime and error alerts. It also displays progress when the battery is being charged.¹²

A hand holds a Bespoke JET and the close-up of its LCD digital display is in the middle, surrounded by 5 different displays that could appear: suction power/running time, error message if an object is stuck a brush or tool, language settings, charging status, and maintenance guide.

What’s in a box

Dual floor brushes + 4 tools

Bespoke Jet™ Pro Extra - Dual floor brushes + 4 tools