Enjoy luxury in your kitchen with the Pureflat Eclipse. With a premium French-door design, 585L total capacity, and a stylish dark-antibacterial interior. Stay refreshed with the in-door automatic water and ice dispenser.

Dark Interior – Not only is it elegant, but the Eclipse Dark Interior also improves food hygiene with it’s antibacterial protection liner, providing both style and function.
Mark Resistant Dark Steel – Leave no trace, with high-quality dark steel and fingerprint resistant material to protect the surface from oils, helping to ensure your fridges surface always appears clean.
My Fresh Choice – the lower right door is a dedicated zone for you to quickly and conveniently adjust temperature from fridge to freezer, adding flexibility for each week’s shop.

12 Month Warranty.
3 Years Warranty if Extended Warranty is Purchased.

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Seamless style

PureFlat Design

The Hisense PureFlat design features completely flat exterior surfaces, premium hardware and a stylish recessed handles, suiting even the most modern kitchens.

Leave no trace

Mark Resistant Dark Steel

Refrigerators are one of the most used home appliances. With kids and adults alike, a family household can leave up to 100 handprints a day. With the anti-fingerprint finish, your refrigerator surfaces will always appear clean.

The high-quality brushed steel and fingerprint-resistant material protects the fridge surface from oils, reducing the need to clean your refrigerator door.

Antibacterial Guard

Eclipse Dark Interior

Not only does the Eclipse Dark Interior look good, but it helps keep your food fresher for longer. Thanks to the latent antibacterial properties of the fridge’s inner, 99.99% of bacteria is eliminated.

Customisable storage on demand

My Fresh Choice

The My Fresh Choice compartment can easily be converted from a fridge to a freezer or anywhere in-between, being able to be adjusted between -18°C to +5°C in one-degree increments. By creating the perfect temperature environment, you can keep the freshness and taste quality of your desired food for longer.

Refreshment at your fingertips

Automatic Ice & Water Dispenser 

The convenient in-door ice and water dispenser can produce 2.2 Kg ice for the whole family in a half day. Without opening the fridge door, you can choose between ice cubes, crescent ice, crushed ice or chilled water, giving you a hassle-free way to get your cold drinks.

For energy savings and a longer lasting appliance

Inverter technology

Modern inverter compressors measure the conditions inside your fridge and adjust the cooling output accordingly, to ensure a stable temperature, save energy and run quieter, while also extending your appliance’s lifespan.

Extra storage, with room to spare

XXL Door Balcony

A big door balcony lets you safely store bigger & taller items inside the door. It can handle bulky cartons of milk and juice or even two rows of cans or bottles of drink.

Easy-to-use flexible storage

Cantilever Shelves

Enjoy a new level of flexibility with fully adjustable shelves. If you require more space between shelves, simply take one out and place it on a different shelf-holder, allowing you to tailor your storage to your specific needs. This way all your large bottles, mason jars or tall cakes will fit perfectly inside the fridge.

Premium fixtures for easy access

Metal Glide Drawers

Our Easy Glide Drawers feature telescopic metal runners that are quiet, robust and capable of handling up to 27kg, making even fully loaded drawers a breeze.

Quickly cool freshly stored goods

Super Cool

The Super Cool mode lets you drop the temperature of your fridge quickly, to help keep your newly purchased food fresh. This is a great way to help keep the flavour, colour and nutritional value of your food, and is a great way to cool down your drinks quickly.

Maintain the quality of your frozen food

Super Freeze

The Super Freeze mode blasts your freezer with even cooler air, reducing the temperature to below -23°C. This rapid chilling will help preserve the nutrients, texture and freshness of your food.

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Dimensions72.5 × 91.2 × 178.5 cm