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Warranty Request

If you cannot call us for a warranty request, please fill out this form and we will forward it on to the store you purchased the item from. It is preferred that you call the store you purchased from for warranty requests.

Please read the manual and check all connections are correct before calling us for a warranty request.

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    Warranty Condition
    Please note, if you have selected "out of warranty", you will get a call from one of our Service Team Members with a estimate quote. We will only schedule in the service if quote is accepted.

    Please describe the fault below


    All products sold by Smart Electrical Clearance Outlet Brisbane IS A BRAND NEW OR RECONDITIONED UNIT. COSMETIC FINISH AND NOISE DEFECTS ARE NOT COVERED by the warranty.

    This product is guaranteed against faulty workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

    Smart Electrical Clearance Outlet will perform necessary home service* on the product without charge for parts Australia wide and labour for Brisbane and Gold Coast metropolitan area only (i.e. 40kms radium from Brisbane CBD) within the 12 month warranty period. Same applies for extended warranty purchased.

    WARRANTY TERMS & CONDITIONS are as follows:

    1. The Warranty applies to only: – Within the Commonwealth of Australia. – To appliances used for PRIVATE SINGLE DOMESTIC USE ONLY (NO COMMERCIAL USE). – To the original purchaser. If the product has been sold to another user, any warranty claim is invalid.

    2. Small products (self – portable) such as a Bar Fridge, Small freezers, Wine Coolers, Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwave Ovens, DVD players, etc. does not have Customer home service. If warranty request is required, the customer is responsible to bring the product(s) back to their nearest Workshop or Retail Shop for repair (if within the warranty period).

    3. The Purchaser is responsible for any expenses involved in making the appliance readily accessible for servicing and where the appliance is installed outside the Brisbane or Gold Coast metropolitan area (i.e. greater than 40kms radius from CBD), the purchaser is liable for any costs of transporting the appliance or parts thereof to and from the nearest workshop or retail shop.

    4. This warranty is only expressed warranty given by Smart Electrical Clearance Outlet Brisbane.

    5. Smart Electrical Clearance Outlet Brisbane reserves the right to determine whether or not the fault is caused by faulty workmanship or material or that any part is defective.

    6. Where permitted by law, this warranty shall not apply to loss suffered through or resulting from the non-operation or the ineffective operation of the appliance or any part of the appliance.

    7. The purchaser must produce proof of date of purchase together with this Warranty card when making claim.
    WARRANTY EXCULSIONS are as follows:

    – If the product(s) is/are not maintained and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations under normal use and reasonable care.
    – If the product(s) has been used in a manner other than for which the product was originally designed.
    – If the fault was caused, directly or indirectly, from the use of incomplete installation, incorrect operation, accidents including liquid spillage, incorrect voltage, misuse, abuse, main supply problems, thunderstorm activity, infestation by pests, fire, floods, acts of God, tampering, alteration, unauthorised repair, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions, insertions of a foreign object.
    – If the product is rented – If the product is used in a commercial environment or used other than a normal and domestic environment.
    – If the product is used outside Australia.
    – If the identification number attached to the appliance has been altered, rendered illegible or removed.
    – If notice of the defect has not been given in warranty period.
    – To surfaces damaged by use of aerosols or cleaners.
    – Subject to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, fire or floods
    – Connected to improper, inadequate or faulty electricity, gas, water, or drainage services or intake or exhaust ducts or flues or operated using incorrect or contaminated fuels or lubricants.
    – Installed, maintained, or operated otherwise than an accordance with the instruction manuals including the improper use of detergents, bleaches, clearers, or other additives
    – Damaged by foreign objects
    – Serviced, repaired, or altered by an unauthorised electrician or technician.

    In Summary, If the appliance has been used out of our warranty exclusions (explained briefly above), Smart Electrical Clearance Outlet Brisbane reserves the right to back out of a requested service from Customer.
    Before making a claim, please make sure that you understand the terms and conditions detailed in this warranty card: – Check and ensure the installation of all power cables to the power point are secure and power is turned on, all cables and connections are connected properly and that all switches are tuned on and functioning. – Check that there is power at the power point by using a small appliance. – Check that all settings are set according to the instruction manual. Instruction Manuals can be found on any manufacturer’s website when the model number is searched. If you have difficulty finding this, please ask our friendly staff and they will be happy to assist to print out the manual for you after your purchase.

    If a claim is made that is found not to be covered under the warranty, or no faulty hardware components are found, you will be charged at Smart Electrical Outlet’s standard service charge plus administration fee which is $100 + GST. Failure to comply with the payment may result in the cancellation of your warranty and any extended warranty you may have purchased until the payment has been received by our team at Smart Electrical Clearance Outlet.