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Hassle free emptying

Manually emptying your vacuum’s dust bin will be a thing of the past with the LG CordZero® All-In-One Tower™. This means that dust and other particles automatically empties when the vacuum is placed on the docking station to charge. Contents are then stored in a dust storage bag* which can be easily replaced once full. What this means is that dust and other particles are hygienically disposed of rather than re-entering the air during the emptying process.
The graphic animation shows how dust is automatically emptied when connected to the docking station.
*Additional replacement dust storage bags sold separately. Please refer to for stockists.
Lock away dirt and dust1
*All In One Tower™ Only – Three Step filtration refers to the Dust Bag, Washable Motor Protection Filter and Washable Fine Dust Filter.

Lock away dirt and dust

The 3 step filtration system* uses three components to hygienically lock away dirt and dust. The auto empty dust bin removes vacuumed items from the bin and transfers into the storage bag. Air then passes through two filters to ensure fine dust particles are removed.
*Up to 120min run time when using 2 batteries, vacuum set to starting ‘normal’ mode without Power Drive Nozzle. Up to 80min run time when using a Power Drive Nozzle. Actual run time may vary when using attachments and depending on the operating environment and settings. Vacuum to be placed on dock and battery in designated slot for simultaneous charging.
*Product images are for illustrative purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Clean like you mean it

The combination of the Smart Inverter Motor™ and the Axial Turbo Cyclone that separates dust and hair help to deliver powerful long lasting suction.
The graphic animation shows the Smart Inverter Motor and the Axial Turbo Cyclone.

  • The graphic image shows the 5-Step Filtration System.

    Clean surfaces and capture dust with peace of mind

    The 5-step filtration system separates suctioned dust in the dust bin and then filters the remaining fine dust–filtering out an average 99.999% of 0.5㎛ ~ 4.2㎛ particles

  • It shows the vacuum cleaner filters floating in the water.

    Easy maintenance

    Easily maintain your vacuum by removing and washing your filters*. Over time, dirt builds up on the filters inside your vacuum. The metal filter, cloth pre-filter and fine dust filter in the handstick can all be removed and washed in water to clean dirt away. Leave the filters to completely dry before placing them back in the vacuum.

*The test run by SLG was based on IEC 62885-2 and EN 60312-1, the dust retaining capability at 0.5㎛ ~ 4.2㎛ particle size in Turbo mode was tested and averaged 99.999% (‘Excellent’ Grade, 5-Star). Dust retaining capability may vary depending on operating environment.
*Product images are for illustrative purpose only and may differ from actual product.
*Based on LG internal testing results observed by Intertek. A9 Kompressor™ receptacle capacity was tested on Turbo mode. Cat hair (Maine Coon) was suctioned and compressed by the manual compression function repeatedly until it reached the receptacle capacity. Compression efficiency “2.4x” was calculated by comparing the weight of compressed cat hair with the weight of non-compressed cat hair (both with the same volume). Actual receptacle capacity (compression efficiency) may vary depending on operating environment.
*Compatible smartphone Android 4.1.2 (JellyBean) or later or iOS 9 or later) required for LG ThinQ® app. Mobile and Home Wi-Fi Data connection required.

A stylish new level of convenience for your cleaning routine

It shows the vacuum cleaners from various angles placed in a space in a modern interior.