LG GS-V600MBLC 635L Side by Side Fridge in Matte Black Finish


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InstaView Door-in-Door®

Knock twice to see inside

Two knocks on the glass to see inside without opening the door, preventing cold air from escaping and helping keep food fresher for longer.

A video shows a woman approach her InstaView refrigerator and knock twice. The interior lights up and she can see the contents of her fridge without opening the door. The view zooms in to focus on the drinks in the door and then zooms out to see the woman from behind as she opens the door and grabs a drink.
SpacePlus® Ice System

Ice and water direct from the door, room inside for more

We built the SpacePlus® Ice System straight into the fridge door, so you can get ice and water directly from the door, without taking up valuable storage space in the fridge or freezer. Fit more of the good stuff in!
Receiving water from a refrigerator water purifier.

Ice and Water from the door

Dispense cubed/crushed ice and water without opening the fridge!

Receiving water from a refrigerator water purifier.

SpacePlus® Ice System

Compact design built into the door.

Receiving water from a refrigerator water purifier.

Room inside for more

Frees up internal shelf space with the ice maker in the door.

Craft Ice™ Maker

Entertain like a baller

Automatically make slow-melting round ice* at home without the work. Entertain like a baller and keep drinks ice cold for the long haul.

Enjoying a variety of drinks with ice made from a refrigerator

*Shape and clarity of ice will be impacted when Craft Ice™ is initially activated; may vary with settings, home use and water supply.
UVnano® Water Dispenser

Built-in UV LED light helps keep the nozzle clean

The UV LED light built into the water dispenser automatically reduces up to 99.99%* of bacteria from the water nozzle.

Clean the nozzle without lifting a finger. The UV Nano feature cleans inside of the water nozzle automatically for 10 minutes every hour.

Dispensing water from a refrigerator water purifier.

*Lab tested at TÜV Rheinland measuring reduction of E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa in distilled water samples after exposure to the product’s UV LED for 10 minutes each hour, over a 24 hour period. The product does not treat or cure health-related conditions.
The crisp factor

Stay fresh for longer

LG’s advanced cooling technology helps keep your fresh produce fresher for longer.
The top part of the image is harvesting lettuce from the field. The bottom part of the image is a fresh salad in a round plate. The vegetables in these two images are naturally connected as if they were one image.

Smart control, smart life

With a compatible smartphone and LG ThinQ® app you can remotely adjust your fridge settings, so you’re ready to accommodate the latest grocery run.*
Express the functions used in conjunction with Google
*LG ThinQ® app available on compatible Android or iOS smartphones. Phone and Home Wi-Fi Data connection and product registration with LG ThinQ® required. Visit for features, system compatibility and service availability which may vary by country and model.
**Smart Learner settings can be turned on and off in the LG ThinQ® app. Needs at least 3 weeks of data to recognise patterns.
A side view of a kitchen with a black InstaView refrigerator installed.

Flat Door Design

The front view of the metallic Metal Fresh panel with the "Metal Fresh" logo showing.

Metallic Decoration

A diagonal view of the shelf with metallic paneling on the interior of the refrigerator.

Sleek Finishes

A diagonal view up into the top of the refrigerator showing the soft LED lighting.

Soft LED lighting